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Woodford Snobusters

Welcome SnoBusters:

We will be cancelling trail work for the weekend of the 29th due to the Holiday weekend.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving from the WSB Board and Officers


(On Line TMA & Club Membership now available)
Please go to the Membership tab and sign up now.

Read the good news on the Kelly Stand RD below

 Kelley Stand Road has been officially opened
Sent date:   09-16-2014

The Sunderland Selectboard passed a resolution to reopen the Kelley Stand Road at Monday nights meeting (Sept 15th, 2014).  The work to restore the road is completed and the road is now safe again for traffic.  The road has a 25 MPH speed limit and we encourage everyone to stay within that.  We anticipate heavier then normal traffic on the road, so please be careful if visiting the new section of road.  The forest service has removed all camping sites in the restored section due to safety and sanitation concerns.  This policy maybe revised in the future if there is strong opposition to this new policy, however, this is a national policy that the forest service is implementing throughout the country.  If any questions please contact highway@sunderlandvt.org or town@sunderlandvt.org


The Woodford SnoBusters are pleased to announce the new WSB Educational Scholarship Awards Program.

Last years winners are Anthony Macari III & Justin Leach

Check out the  WSB Educational Scholarship Award Program tab and apply.

Snowmobile Safety Courses are required for the following people to ride in Vermont.

  Those individuals 12 years of age and older, born after July 1, 1983, must have completed and
passed a certified Safety Course prior to operating a snowmobile on the VAST Trail System and
then they may do so without adult supervision. 

Register early before the classes fill up.

Please Help our Volunteers - Register by Mail

     Private Landowners & National Forest  Acknowledgement

The Snobusters would like to thank the Green Mountain National Forest and the private landowners for letting us use
their land for our trails. We would not be able to enjoy the trails if it weren’t for good people like you. THANKS AGAIN!

Special People Ride 2014 date has been set check calendar of events!

Hot Dog Roast 2014 date has been set check calendar of events! 

Click on the Membership tab to down load a form or register on line starting 10-22-13. Returning your completed application by mail will save you riding time and $’s. Why not do it today and avoid the lines? You’ll also be helping Betty Roark, our Membership Chairperson, who will spend countless hours processing applications. Checks, Mastercard and Visa are accepted payment by mail. Thanks for Your Help.
  Remember … Support were you ride, and Think Snow!          


US Forest Service